Crowdfunding Solution

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Crowdfunding Solution

Crowd funding websites and apps helps start-ups, potential entrepreneurs, social workers, charities or anyone with a great idea to gather funds for their project or venture. With an online system, funds can be gathered easily and fast from all over the world.

The crowdfunding solution is a complete software package consisting of Android and iOS apps, website and admin panel for managing the system and viewing reports and statistics.

Publish Projects

Projects concept with details and photos can be published easily through app or website. Details of projects can be updated anytime till the first contribution is received

Video and Images

Project owners can upload video presentations and images of the project

Browse or Search Projects

Projects can be browsed by category or searched by keywords. Concept and details can be viewed and contributions can be made


Projects are categorized for easy finding or browsing

Shortlist or Save

Interesting or liked projects can be shortlisted or saved for finding easily in future

Project milestones and progress

Updates to project milestones and progress are displayed in vertical chronology tree view for easy tracking and understanding

Comments and Likes

Likes and comments can be given against projects, milestones or progress posts

Login and Registration

Easy and fast registration and login

Notifications and Emails

Notifications and emails are sent on activities or updates to shortlisted and contributed projects or publishing of new project

Social Share

Easy sharing of projects on various social media

Queries and Feedback

Queries and feedbacks can be sent to project owners

Contributor Acknowledgement

Auto acknowledgement emails to contributors on making contributions. Contributor name section under project details displays name of contributors. Details of project contributors available to project owners only

Various payment options

Various payment gateways can be easily integrated with the system for payment of contributions

Auto Commission calculation

System can automatically calculate and bifurcate commissions for each contributions made

Project Owners’ Dashboard

Project owners can create or update projects, view contribution and contributor details, and other statistics from their dashboard in app or website


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