Dating App Solution

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Dating App Solution

These days dating apps plays a major role in socializing and even for finding a partner. At the end of the day one can virtually find, meet and talk with someone through dating sites and apps. The dating app solution is a complete software package with all the functionality of a good dating application and it consists of mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Auto matches and suggestions

Automatic matches and suggestions based on profile data. Fully customizable algorithm for meeting custom matching requirements

Search and filter profiles

Searching and filtering of profiles based on preferences and criteria

Proximity search with distance

Find profiles who are nearby based on a set distance

Guest Users

Guest users can browse the site and view limited details of profiles

Photo and video galleries

Create galleries and upload photos and videos

Privacy settings

Profile privacy settings like hidden, visible to friends only, publicly visible

Block and Report

Block and/or report user

Video/Audio, text chat and file sharing

Chat with friends, make audio or video calls, share photos

Subscription Packages

Create or update subscription packages. Various packages can be created to give various sets of facilities or limitations to users as per business model

Social media login

Login through social media logins for faster and easy login

Friend list

View friend list, details, find who is online, initiate call or chat, block if needed

Likes, Comments and View count

Give or view likes and comments on photos and videos, check view count

Profile Visitors

Create galleries and upload photos and videos

Send virtual gifts

Send virtual gifts to others. Gifts can be added by the admin and can be made purchasable items

Call, message, share files

Make audio/video calls, chat and share files and photos

Auto language translation (Microsoft API)

Automatic translation of comments, chats or messages posted in other languages to the language set in profile

Content moderation

Auto content moderation module for uploaded photos, posts and comments

Profile suggestions

Auto profile matching and suggestions. Matching or suggestion algorithm can be customized as per business requirement


Get notifications on new friend request, new chat, comments, etc


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